Rapleys Healthcare brings together the best experience in architectural and design solutions, and property and planning advice for the healthcare industry. Rapleys Healthcare can offer a one-stop solution including initial consultancy, full design services, planning, building surveying, project management and property agency services.


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We understand the needs of dental practices and healthcare organisations, and the complexities of this sector. We tailor our support and advice to meet the individual requirements of each client, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best.

With over 20 years of experience, we are able to deal with a diverse range of projects working within a range of budgets and requirements. We offer a FREE initial consultation visit to take place after we have spoken to you about your project and carried out some local area research.


Environmental Policy

We respect our environment and our responsibility to deliver cost effective sustainable solutions in the design of the buildings and spatial solutions we produce.

We work closely with our clients to reflect the environment and enhance the opportunities, to re-use and recycle, where ever possible.

If you have specific requirements please contact us for a design consultation to discuss.


Privacy Policy

When working with Rapleys Healthcare, we will maintain your client confidentially at all times.Our Privacy policy is always to protect our client’s interests and respect their confidentially.

We work with a range of clients and suppliers. We often are approached to offer design advice on very delicate matters involving a number of parties when it comes to planning permission or on matters of commercial confidence.

We never share data with third parties, without the prior and express consent of our clients