As you can appreciate, each project is individual and unique.Please view our FAQs belowfor the answers to come common questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail.

What sets your firm apart from other architects with similar experience?

All our partners are director led studios, where the directors are responsible for delivering projects. We offer all clients a personal service where directors are involved on all projects, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget. We focus on relationship building and working towards a solution that exceeds client expectations.

What do you see as important issues, challenges or considerations when starting a project?

The main consideration at the start of a project is developing a common understanding. A collaborative approach is essential to ensure the whole team, including the client and consultants, are working towards a common goal.

How do you structure the process?

We use the RIBA scope of works to manage the design process. This will vary on each project depending on agreed priorities. We issue a design cost report for client approval. Inputting the right information at the right time allows the correct decisions to be made. The cost and program impact of a design change increases through the design and build process. A change made at an early design stage, may have little or no impact on cost and the program. Constant communication is therefore key to a seamless delivery.

How soon do you determine project lead times?

Correct programming of the project is as critical as cost control to a successful project. Any time constraints need to be determined at the outset and planned for accordingly. Critical lead times are identified on the design program as milestone dates that link to key activities.

What is your track record for completing a project within the original budget and timeline?

We consistently complete projects within the original budget and program without compromising design standards.

How do you establish fees?

By agreement. We have a fee level for different building types and procurement methods that are generally agreed with our clients. The fee level will vary with the scope of works required for each project. We prefer to understand the project brief and scope of works at the outset and agree an appropriate fee before commencing a project.

What is your role during construction/client liaison?

We like to build relationships with clients. Client liaison is important to us and is director led throughout the design, construction and handover. We prefer to have an active involvement during the construction stage to ensure the design is executed to the required standard.

Who will we be dealing with directly? Is it one point of contact or will it be project specific?

All projects are director led and will be allocated accordingly.

What services do you provide during construction?

During construction we can provide anything from minor input, design and build type contract, to a full site supervision role. The agreed fee will determine the level of service.