mechanical & electrical

The mechanical & electrical infrastructure is essential to ensure an efficient, safe building.

Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) drawings are produced for suppliers and contractors to understand the location of the service requirements.

We have a dedicated team who work with you and your suppliers to ensure a mechanical & electrical layout reflects service locations within the building.

M&E layouts ensure you maximise your use of space whilst meeting statutory requirements.  It also gives you an opportunity to review your existing equipment to determine if it is still fit for purpose.

Considering how you intend to use designated spaces is critical in order for a solution to be built to fulfill your requirements and to ensure power supplies, voice and data points are sited ergonomically.

It is essential at the outset to determine if additional service supplies are required as delaying works during construction can be very expensive.

Numerous elements are covered by M&E layout work. A selection includes: data cabling, air-conditioning and heating, and lighting to name but a few.

The heating and ventilation elements of M&E is becoming more complex, with legislation forcing an environmentally friendly approach to new builds and change of use on existing buildings. Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) calculations are mandatory under building regulations as they record heat loss for commercial buildings.

Our team makes recommendations on heating, ventilation and hot and cold water. We also advise on rain water harvesting and air/ground source heat pumps. On finalisation of the specifications of your project, we liaise with various regulators and interested parties to confirm compliance.

All project contractors will be issued a set of approved M&E drawings.