space planning

Space planning is of vital importance for you to realise your buildings true potential.

By planning your space effectively at the start of a refurbishment or a new build, you will be able to efficiently maximise all your workable space.

Regulatory compliance is essential at this early stage. Space planning will ensure that legislation and personal requirements are considered fully.

Following submission of your initial brief, we will produce initial designs of the overall footprint. The design will be prepared against building capacity and your requirements.

New builds

New builds provide an ideal opportunity to generate a design that best fits your operation in accordance with statutory regulations.

Client choices

Our presentation will incorporate several options of how to maximise your requirements, highlighting best option for a seamless design.

At this stage, the drawings will be in ‘plan layout’ only; final elevation drawings are produced once the fundamental space layout has been confirmed by you.

By using live electronic drawings, we are able to sit with you and make alterations to the space plan in real time. This shows the immediate effects any changes will cause to the workable space; saving you valuable time.

On finalisation of the space planning, paper drawings will be forwarded to you.